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it's the top of the hour, as the moon looks down on one nice day start. a few traffic problems. sharon will detail those after marty's first warning weather. let me show you the the graphics, they tell it all. yesterday will be the lamest day out of the next five and yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. today it is going to get toasty, any complaints? i don't think so. 67 at luncheon the way to a high of 74, maybe slightly warmer. 72 this evening, in the upper 40s to around 50 in the area. don take it away. if the moon was looking down, what would he warn you about? >> only one thing to warn you about right now for the morning commute that is an accident in
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anne arundel county in brooklyn route two, richie highway at hammond place. police remain on the scene. otherwise speeds looking good on 97 as well as 95 and the beltway. there is a look at the beltway, drive times and speeds full speed all around, 11 minute drive times. live look at providence road and 295 at 32. looking good there and 29 at 32 also problem free. remember wjz 13 is always on for traffic information any time you can log onto back over to you don. thank you. here's what people will be talking about today. it is census day, d day for the census, as in deadline day. if you don't send your form in by today. you may soon get a knock at the door. andrea fujii is live with the story. >> reporter: good morning, don and good morning everyone. as of today, most people in the city have not sent in their census forms. so believe it or not, today is the deadline day, if you don't you may get a knock on your
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door. >> it may be deadline day, but the fight to get your census form is just beginning. >> we've put a particular interest or focus in east baltimore, west baltimore and downtown areas where there are a lot of transient residents. >> reporter: today, april 1st marks mail in your census form day. for the marylanders who don't, a census worker may come to your door to have you fill it out in person. on the line, $400 billion in funding for hospitals, schools, senior centers, public works projects, emergency services, even a number of people representing maryland in the u.s. house. >> that's a lot of money in federal funds that the city is due, as long as we mail those forms back. >> reporter: only 45% of baltimore city residents have returned the form, not great officials say, but better than the dismal response in 2000, when baltimore ranked second to last among cities its size. >> if we are not counted it's our money that we are letting someone else have. >> reporter: ravens quarterback dominick foxworth joined a congressman in randallstown
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helping seniors complete forms. it takes just ten minutes to do. >> i've heard about it on tv and things like that, so i knew it was important, so rather than wait and do it and then forget about it, i just saw it, filled it out, ten minutes and then sent it on. >> reporter: now, the census bureau is warning people of fraudulent census workers. they will not be asking for your social security number when they come to your door and you will not be contacted online. sending back the form is free, there is no postage on it, it costs the census bureau $25 to send a work toar your hous we are learning more about what's being called the deadliest shooting in washington, d.c. in more than 15 years. someone in a car opened fire on a group of people returning from a funeral tuesday night. four people are dead, five more injured. police say they took two men and one teen into custody after they fled the scene. one of those men is also charged with killing the man whose
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funeral was being held that night. house. the army doctor charged with going on a shooting spree inside fort hood will soon be moved from the hospital to a jail sell. officials say major nadal hasan has received a discharge physical and may be moved soon. he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, he was shot by civilian police, leaving him partially paralyzed. back here a judge has sentenced a former mta worker to two years in prison for stealing from the fare box. investigators say he stole half a million dollars from fare boxes over a two year period. he has been ordered to repay all that money. and it was certainly a hot button issue during the last presidential campaign. offshore drilling is back in the spotlight. jessica kartalija explains how that announcement will impact
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you. >> reporter: the proposal could directly affect maryland's shoreline with drilling cites just miles off the coast. at maryland's andrews air force base, president obama announced his administration will allow oil blat forms 50 miles off the coast of virginia and will lift the moratorium of oil exploration off the east coast. >> the bottom line is this, given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs and keep our businesses competitive, we are going to need to harness additional sources of fuel even as we ramp up production of new sources of renewable home grown energy. >> reporter: the proposal would allow drilling from the northern tip of delaware to the central coast of florida, including 31 miles of maryland's ocean coastline. >> more information as it becomes available and to ascertain whether or not we believe that the down sides a detriment of oil and gas drilling off the coast overrides our concerns with the
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environment. >> reporter: governor martin alley who attended today's news conference and has opposed drilling off maryland's shores in the past, now says he is neutral and he is quote eager to work with the administration in working out the number of infrastructure issues that need to be addressed in order to make this part of a comprehensive energy policy. some environmental groups are outraged. >> oil and water simply don't mix. it will be bad for the bay and bad for the creatures. we're trying to get the bay better, not allow it to be worse. >> reporter: considering the u.s. imports more than 60% of our oil, some are willing to accept the risk. >> relative to where the gas prices are going, i don't understand why they don't get off their high horse and start doing something about it. >> reporter: the white house says it's a major step toward energy independence and drilling off the atlantic coast would keep the country safe. >> protect areas that are vital to tourism, the environment and our national security. they will be guided not by political ideology but scientific evidence.
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>> reporter: wjz has learned that virginia could be issuing drilling licenses as soon as next year. in baltimore city, jessica kartalija wjz eyewitness news. both maryland senators remain opposed to offshore drilling. one of television's most accomplished writers has died. award winning writer david mills, collapsed on the set of his latest project. the 48-year-old is known for wire and homicide. mills was a graduate of the university of maryland and wrote for the washington post before he became a screen writer turning to sports, and this morning's wjz spring training report, the regular season less than a week away. orioles managers dave trembley says he doesn't like the way the team is playing of late. thee orioles were dominated on both sides of the ball. jason burken started for the orioles.
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the orioles loss their first game 14-6. the regular season starts tuesday in tampa bay. in football news. the ravens preseason schedule has been released opening thursday night, august 12th, a home game with the carolina panthers. the following week just down the road for a friday or saturday game with the redskins, then back home to face the new york football giants. the ravens will wrap up preseason september 2nd, in st. louis. >> the regular season schedule comes out in two weeks. and the king of suspense is ready to release a new book and the publisher is based in maryland. cemetery dance publications based in forest hill, in harford county will publish the novella called blockade billy by ste phen king. the shop specializes in horror and suspense books. stephen was here in dundalk walmart, because they sell more stephen king books in the country. >> maybe the universe.
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>> we did this last time, this is the census map. it will lead you to like, you know, all these really cool things. right now the national average is 52%. maryland is at 54%. the 2000 census, the national return rate was 72%, maryland was 74. on pace with 2000. >> if you have a census form, get that big boy in. >> you could break it down to the zip code if you google around. >> you really can. if you are just -- if you have some down time at work and you happen to be messing around on the internet, i know that never happens, but just in case pigs fly and you decide to go online and do something today. with check out the interactive map. a lot of federal money, states and countries, the state and countries in maryland could use are riding on this census, as are political boundary lines. pretty darn big deal.
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>> you'll be hearing more about it all day long. let's look, heck, let's look at the forecast, simple. sunshine today. we'll go for a high temperature 74 degrees. look at that. currently the winds are absolutely calm. it is a delightful warning. temperatures just stay of 50 degrees. ronster is down on fell's point. >> good morning, everybody. how are you guys doing? >> we were talking about homicide life on the streets by the way. >> reporter: this was the home of homicide for seven years where the plaque says talented people created a television legend. the fell's point recreation pier, one of my favorite buildings in baltimore, maybe my favorite. changes are coming, but we'll tell you how they'll keep the outside of the building looking pretty much the same. the story when the eyewitness news morning edition ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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14 and a half past six. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> can we look at the shot in fell's point? i want to step out of this one second. it is a beautiful, beautiful
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day start. i mean, it is absolutely gorgeous. temperatures right now are in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. there is not a cloud in the sky. we've been watching this almost, waning full moon is setting in the western sky, being followed by the sun coming up on the eastern horizon. we talk about and extoll the virtues of this day, how great it will be. we need to look back at what was an incredibly wet march, not necessarily here, even though we did get our share of moisture, that is for darn sure. but look what happened in atlantic city, over eight and a half inches of rain, philadelphia 7.3, new york 10.6. we had three major storms hit the east coast, the northeast portion of the eastern seaboard in the month of march. if this would have been snow, imagine the amount, over 120 inches in new york, 7.3 times 12, do the math. it has been an incredible weather period that we have now come through. starting in late november, and really until this blocking high
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settled in over the area over the past 24 hours, i mean, it's just been one low after another low, after another low. training lows. i haven't done the math, ten to 15 lows. doing the same number on the united states probably since late november. over and said and done with for the moment. 41 degrees, 79% humidity, calm winds. that's a good hit in temperatures. we started at 50. the chilliest part of the overnight is right before dawn. you are looking at the overnight low. 48 hagerstown, 44 elkton, ocean city and pax river 42. still 50 in oakland. 37 in cumberland. 46 westminster and kent island and annapolis. bel air and columbia 43. 45 degrees in rock hall. every once in a while a passing fair weather cloud will passover
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the area. a huge dome of high pressure will lock itself in place and run our weather now through tuesday. today 74, sunny. just gorgeous. tonight clear skies, 46 your overnight low. and this time tomorrow morning 46, not 43. 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. we'll keep it at 80 on saturday. sunday easter sunday we made it up to 77 from 74. 74 monday, 72 tuesday. don take it away. how is the hurry up going? here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, it is looking good. in fact one issue that could get in your way if you're headed out. that is in anne arundel county in the brooklyn area, route two, richie highway at hammond lane. otherwise looking good. speeds looking good in the 60s, everything looking god on the beltway, beltway at 295 and the beltway at 97. 83 at warren road, seeing more volume, but no delays. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota.
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an important message for toyota owners there has been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls, get the facts and information at all right. let's go out to the ronster. right now. >> reporter: good morning, don and marty. what a beautiful morning in baltimore. that is for sure. we are in front of one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the fell's point recreation pier, it's almost 100 years old. of course changes are coming. interesting changes. a $45 million project that will bring a hotel here to one of baltimore's most popular neighborhoods. >> the fell's point recreation pier is one of baltimore's signature buildings. built in 1914, it once served as a community center. there were dances and basketball games. it's just been sold for $2 million. to local developer j joseph clark and h and s properties which built harbor east. a 132 room hotel is on the way. >> there will be a new hotel
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here on two levels inside, and the interior will be open to the sky. >> reporter: tourists stop here every day. the building doubled as a police station for the hit tv show homicide. >> enjoy the whole thing and the history is amazing. it seems like you're in europe. >> that european look will not change except for being cleaned, the building's exterior must stay the same. >> we have secured historic tax cress from the state and from the federal government, which requires us to keep things looking the way they do. >> reporter: there will be one big difference, the famous tug boats are leaving. >> it will be different. it will be like disturbing the titanic, that boat has been here 40 years. >> reporter: it will be two years before the hotel goes up here. first this peer must be rebuilt and raced. >> the peer is falling into the water, and so the first thing we have to do is spend about a
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year taking out the old pilings, and putting in new pilings. >> reporter: something new while holding onto history. >> we're back live in fell's point. the cost of the pier restoration expected to be between eight and $9 million that work on the pier is expected to take about a year. all told about two years before you'll see the hotel inside this building, but as developer joe clark said, the outside, the exterior caused the ability to get historic tax cress will pretty much stay the same. the homicide black will be there and so will the facade that says police station. an interesting way to modernize one of baltimore's host historic buildings. >> ron? do you know which hotel chain is coming in? >> reporter: it's an aloft hotel, 132 aloft hotel, like the w hotel. >> there you go. >> reporter: one thing i have to mention, i know we have to run,
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reading about the facts of this fell's point recreation pier, this was once the second leading point of entry for immigrants coming into this country behind number one. >> ellis island. >> reporter: exactly right. >> there you go. >> that's incredible, i didn't know that. >> reporter: real history with this great building. changes will be coming. have a great day. get out this morning, it is absolutely gorgeous! >> have you filled out your census? >> yes i have. sent it in last week. >> reporter: get those census forms in. there are millions and millions of dollars at stake, not to mention your congressional delegates. yes, it's so important, please, please do it, we implore you. have a great day! >> a lot of german people and people from scandinavians came through here. >> my family came through norfolk, i had no idea we were
6:22 am
secondhand ellis island. that's wild. >> i had a relative that swam across saint lawrence, he got here the hard way. >> coming up next on our morning edition. >> reporter: there is a special school in baltimore county where horses are the teachers. i'm mary bubala, i'll show you the special relationship that develops between the students and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up on 6:25, a special school in baltimore county, children with special needs, they can be strong, confident and caring as mary bubala explains some of the teachers are horses. >> she is a pony new nearly a horse. >> reporter: abbey has asberger's syndrome, which is an the autism syndrome. it took time with a horse named easy and abbey has focused and follows directions. >> by scraping through and getting the fur off the horse, it's all plush. >> reporter: abbey has improved large motor skills riding the horse once a week. >> that power feeling when you get off, how strong you feel and how in command when you really know that you and your horse are really working together. i really like the feeling of how together we are and like we're friends. >> reporter: that connection is what joan twiny lives for, she owns and runs the rows of
6:26 am
sharon equestrian school in glen arm and sees how special needs students benefit so much from therapeutic horse riding. >> often in one session we see breakthroughs, it's heart breaking to stop that progress and start again. >> reporter: joan is building an indoor riding facility to make sure her students don't have to miss sessions when the weather is bad. private donations have helped her construct the outside of it. but the inside is not yet complete. the school is looking to raise $165,000 so it can finish the construction and complete this year-round facility. >> because of the therapeutic riding, students like abbey are connecting to others in a way they have never before. >> big and furry. >> reporter: mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. to donate to that independent school's capital campaign go to you'll find a link on our home page in the seen on section. and yet to be seen on this
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morning edition. >> reporter: good morning, an outbreak of violence in washington, d.c., nets three arrests in a murder. i'm kai jackson, i'll have the latest coming up. >> reporter: it is time to be counted. today is the deadline to send in your census forms. i'm andrea fujii, that story is just ahead. pushing ronald mcdonald into retirement to save kids from childhood obesity. i'm sandra hughes in los angeles, vial that story coming up. and so far so good on area roadways. minor delays, we'll have complete report in a moment. serious identity disorder to the forefront to be honest. the united states of tara on show time, stars actress toni collette in the main role. multiple personalities, she is on coffee with as the morning edition continues. look at that great sun. look how clear it is. you can see beyond the key bridge over to the eastern
6:28 am
shore. fshz that is awesome day start. we'll be right back with the eyewitness news ,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. you are going to enjoy getting going this morning as the moon goes down. it is one gorgeous day. look at the cherry trees at fell's point. cool. >> sharon has your traffic after marty's first warning weather. >> moon setting over the bond street. these graphics say it all, somebody coup up the black eyed peace version of let's get it started in here. isn't that the song for the day? yesterday was beautiful, today will shame it. we're going for a lunchtime 69 on the way to a high of about anywhere from the mid to upper 70s. we're still going to be 74 degrees now the calculation for this evening. we're in the low to mid-40s right now. here to help you coast through your commute is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> you just coast through your commute. only a few minor issues in your way. one of them an accident that's been there a while on brooklyn,
6:32 am
route two richie highway at hammond lane. a minor delay on 95, past whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, five minutes. average speed 46 miles per hour. not so bad. the beltway at full speed, 54 miles per hour all around. there is a live look at the harrisburg expressway, delay free at warren road. there is i-95 at mountain road, delays do not extend back too far. they begin beyond whitemarsh boulevard down to 895. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners there has been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls, get the facts and information at thank you. at the top of the news this after hour, the worst outbreak of violence in our nation's capital in more than a decade happened earlier this week. four people are dead, including injured police officers. the shooting was linked to a funeral. >> reporter: it was like a war zone, according to witnesses of a deadly drive by shooting in southeast washington, d.c. tuesday night. police say it happened about
6:33 am
7:30, south capital and brandiwine streets as people gathered in front of a building. >> somebody came past with i believe an ak-47 and let loose. this is unacceptable we have to do something to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: four people were killed, and five wounded in what police called dc's deadliest shooting in 16 years. the victims had attended a funeral earlier in the day for a man fatally shot last week. police suspect tuesday's shooting may have been retaliation. >> crazy what's going on nowadays with the youth. you know, i just think too many too many adults are not paying attention to kids. it starts in homes. >> reporter: after the shooting dc police pursued a van all the way into oxen hill prince county. it crashed on saint barnabus road behind me and four officers were hurt in that wreck. two men and a 14-year-old male have been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting. the multiple crime scenes are an example of how violence in one place can quickly spread.
6:34 am
>> we've made a lot of progress to stop retaliation and gang violence and in the end if this comes out to be some sort of gang retaliation, shame on all of us. >> reporter: the adult suspects have been identified as 26-year-old nathaniel simms and 20-year-old orlando carter. right now that juvenile suspect is not being identified. police are looking for other suspects. back to you. thank you very much. police officers say an ak-47 was thrown from that van during the police chase. a two decades long ban on drilling for oil off the east coast has been lifted. the president made the announcement at andrews air force base yesterday. calling it part of a plan to bring america closer to energy independence. the proposal includes 31 miles of maryland coastline. people here are divided. >> oil and water simply don't mix. it will be bad for the bay and bad for the creatures. we're trying o to get the bay better, not allow it to be worse. >> relative to where the gas prices are going, i don't understand why they don't get off their high horse and start
6:35 am
doing something. >> the governor used to be opposed to drilling off the coast of maryland. now he says he's neutral on the idea hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake and it could affect your community. today is the last day you have to mail your census form back in on time. andrea fujii is live outside the local census headquarters. good morning again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning don and good morning everyone. we have all seen the ads and heard the messages. today is the deadline to send in your census forms. so far only half of marylanders have done so. >> it may be deadline day, but the fight to get your census form is just beginning. >> we've put a particular interest or focus in east baltimore, west baltimore and downtown areas where there are a lot of transient residents. >> reporter: today, april 1st marks mail in your census form day. for the marylanders who don't, a census worker may come to your door to have you fill it out in person. on the line, $400 billion in
6:36 am
funding for hospitals, schools, senior centers, public works projects, emergency services, even a number of people representing maryland in the u.s. house. >> that's a lot of money in federal funds that the city is due as long as we mail the forms back. >> reporter: only 45% of baltimore city residents have returned the form, not great officials say, but better than the dismal response in 2000, when baltimore ranked second to last among cities its size. >> if we are not counted it's our money that we are letting someone else have. >> reporter: ravens corner back dominique foxworth joined a congressman in randallstown yesterday helping seniors complete forms. it takes just ten minutes to do. >> i've heard about it on tv and things like that, so i knew it was important, so rather than wait and do it and then forget about it, i just saw it, filled it out, ten minutes and then sent it on. >> reporter: and consider this: the state will lose $10,000 for
6:37 am
every residents who does not sends in their forms. don back to you. thank you, andrea. believe it or not 48% of all americans, almost half have still not sent their forms back in. the father of a maryland marine killed in iraq is refusing to pay anything to the group who picketed his son's funeral. the westboro baptist church protested at the funeral in westminster in 2006. snider's father unsuccessfully sued the church for emotional distress. he has now been ordered to the pay the church's $16,000 in court costs. he has refuse today do is until the u.s. supreme court rules on the case this fall. automakers will have to meet tough new standards as new fuel efficiency standards go in effect. later today the president will sign a law forcing cars and trucks to get a combined 35 and a half miles per gallon soon, an increase of 10 miles per gallon over the current standards. toyota sales roast 40%, helped by unprecedented
6:38 am
incentives like 0% financing on recalled models and free maintenance on cars. he has long been the face of the golden arches, today ronald mcdonald is calling for his forced retirement here is sandra hughes to explain. >> reporter: this clown got a lot of smiles outside mcdonald's, but his distant cousin is under fire. >> retire, ronald. >> reporter: that's ronald mcdonald they're talking about, the icon of fast food for nearly a half century. >> it's a real shocker, who would think to retire ronald? >> the same watchdog group that sent joe camel packing, is now after the mcdonald's mascot. they say he is targeting kids and feeding into the epidemic of childhood obesity. >> mcdonald's is a corporation that essentially invented childhood marketing. >> reporter: the group conducted
6:39 am
its own poll and found nearly half of those surveyed found ronald should go. >> marketing to children is unethical i don't think it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: the company told cbs news, ronald is the beloved brand ambassador for mcdonald's, we have no plans to retire him. he is the symbol of the ronald mcdonald house, started in 1974 with one house for the families of sick children. it has now grown to 271 houses in 30 countries. the last thing for ronald to go away may be difficult. >> if you're going to boycott ronald, boycott everybody. >> reporter: sandra hughes, cbs news los angeles. >> ronald mcdonald haspromotedd hamburgers and fries since 1963. we've had a good time with this on the show so far. i mean the fact of the matter is the rant, boiled into a nutshell is it's the parents who have to drive the kids to and through the golden arches. now, wait a minute, hold on,
6:40 am
wait a minute, excuse me, i had to get that out of my system, viewers have been e-mailing in, i mean tony the tiger is done. he better have ms. risumis in the mail. >> the burger king is filling up the moat. peta couldn't protect the fruit loops toucan. >> lots of other things and other foods. >> when are we going after neighborhood sub-shops? that's all i wants to know. that's all i want to know. >> the answer is probably soon. >> soon. >> marshaling the vehicles even as we speak. we'll hear more about this all day long. it's a huge topic on facebook right now. >> who could help the most? adults. get the name out there. >> they built a few nice houses along with the restaurants. >> as sandra put it out. i'm telling you in honor of ronald mcdonald i'm going
6:41 am
to slam a big mac today and wait until the fries come out of that grease, i want them hot. >> forget the diet coke, i'm going for the real deal. i'm living large today. >> take a look at the day,. >> always go for the real coke. >> yeah? >> i have gotten used to the taste of diet. >> not me. >> i'm going to jam today, i'm going to live big. >> 69 at lunch on the way to a high -- i think it will get as warm as 76 degrees. we're still calling for 74, but 74 this evening at dinner, which might be chicken mcnuggets by the way. >> hit mcdonald's twice? >> why not? >> ronald says thank you very much. >> why not? >> it's going to be a great, great afternoon. the five-day forecast is looking splendid if you are just joining us, we've added one more day, tuesday. the run of sun and warm if not hot feeling temperatures will continue. i'll have the first warning details. of course sharon's traffic.
6:42 am
coming up on coffee with, the show created by diablo cody, now in the second season, actress toni collette joins us, talking about a role where she place a character with multiple personalities, five to be exact. your traffic, everybody is on their way to the breakfast and the mcgrid he will. >> i'm going to have, you know, i'm going -- fight the traffic. >> i can see the golden arches in easton from that other shot. >> we're taking a break, we'll be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first warning of severe weather, what i'm thinking about is a man. i'm not eating a banana, i'm using it as a pointer today. >> current conditions on tv hill 43, 79% humidity. no clouds in the area. remember when we used pointsers. barometer 30.08. barometer 29.65. we have this big point of high pressure that will lock our air in place. 30.08, the barometer will continue to rise.
6:46 am
43, 79% humidity, and winds are calm. 43 ocean city, pax river and elkton. 48 degrees in hagerstown. the district 47, 43 bel air, 43 columbia, 46 on rock hall, kent island. and a few passing fair weather clouds, a big dome of high pressure locked our forecast in place. we have broken the train of lows across this country and in march hammering the northeast portion of the eastern seaboard. 74 degrees today, sunny, nice, gorgeous tonight. 46 tomorrow, kick it up to about 80 degrees. we will keep it at 80 degrees on saturday. sunday, easter sunday, we've moved it up to 77 from 74. 74 monday, 72 tuesday. >> traffic, here is sharon at wjz traffic control. good morning, doing fantastic on the morning roadways. we've cleared up the accident in brooklyn. unfortunately, we have another
6:47 am
one in parkton, watch for it on york road. an accident with a possible vehicle fire. we'll keep you updated on that situation. otherwise a minor delay on 95 southbound from whitemarsh boulevard to 895. it will cost you eight minutes with an average speed of 42 miles per hour. 895 in and out of the harbor tunnel looking good. the delay on 95 at whitemarsh, the west side of the beltway at cold court road no problems there yet. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners there has been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls, get the facts and information at this morning coffee with, is with toni collette, satellite feed is provided by showtime. >> please welcome emmy and golden globe winning actress toni collette to the eyewitness news morning edition. >> good morning. >> good morning. obviously, we have showtime subscribers in our audience. >> i heard that. on showtime you are in united states of tara.
6:48 am
you play tara gregson, who is not really one person, but she is several? >> oh, she has several people residing within her, yes. she has disassociatetive identity disorder, which means, you know, there are several alternative personalities that live within her and come to the fore and take over her body and lives her life. >> so is it fun to play one character or many characters in one character? >> yes, i love it. i'm really, really enjoying it. and you know, when i first read the script, i had never really come across anything like it. i didn't know much about disassociatetive identity disorder, it's fascinating to me. you know, i in all the work that i've done over the last 20 years, i can't believe it's 20 years, i've tried to vary
6:49 am
things and even within this one show, there is so much variation, i feel really lucky, great fun. >> disassociative identity disorder, used to be called multiple personality disorder, i remember the faces of eve. which was scary. are you more comedy? >> i think it's a real representation and just like reality, you know, life brings about very comic moments and some dark and moving moments. and i think that this show is special because it does have the tone that walks that fine line and manages to embrace both of those genres. >> i know there are a lot of real people who suffer from this. do they i'd identify with the show? >> i think before it aired,
6:50 am
there was trepidation. since it aired, i think people have welcomed it and been surprised by its true representation and it's honesty and it's accuracy. >> those of us who are not familiar with the show, can you rattle off your characters and how they're different. >> well, like you said i play tara gregson who is a housewife, housewife. jeez, what century are we in? a mother, i'm jet lagged man. i live in australia, i was in new york a minuting a. she is a mother, a wife, she's an artist. she lives in middle america. and she has disassociative identity disorder, so the alters who come forth and who she lives with, so far that we've seen, tease an over sexed precocious, kind of 15-year-old who represents ire responsibility
6:51 am
and escapism. then there is buck who is a man, and who likes to drink beer and go bowling and pick up gigs and rides a harley. he represents a kind of protection and her aggression i suppose. alice exists in the '50s and she is kind of a wound up, control freak, everything has to be order. and she is so she is one who keeps everything together. there is gimmy, who is quite animalistic and basically a child who is incredibly defensive and without the ability to speak. and then in season two, there is more. so i want to talk about that. there is one i can talk about on the poster, her name is shoshana, just the way alice exists in the '50s, she exists in the '70s, she is is a
6:52 am
confidante and mentor for tara and yes, i guess that's all i'm going to say. >> sounds fascinating. >> can you do buck's voice for us? >> oh, jeez,. >> i can't imagine you speaking like a man. >> well, i mean, i have -- his words i have a script and a costume and i have being in the moment. >> okay, i won't force you to do it right now. we'll all watch the program instead. >> losses (bleeped). >> now i'm sorry i asked. >> there is real buck there. >> we should point out it's the second season on showtime, you can download it on i tunes, which should be a new source of viewers for you. toni collette thank you very much for spending time with us. >> thank you. we'll take a break and come back with the latest on traffic
6:53 am
and the first warning weather forecast which isn't what ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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as yours, but not so bad this morning. only a few minor issues. one accident at york road at stable church road, a possible vehicle fire. watch for an accident in the city just coming into us on north howard at west franklin. 95 southbound slow whitemarsh to 895, eight minutes average speed of 42 miles per hour. drive times and speed on the beltway 49 miles per hour between 795 and 95 iter loop. 895 looking good at the tunnel. there is look at the delay on 95 at whitemarsh. this traffic report is brought to you by bmw, elevate your driving standards with a new bmw from bmw of towson and bmw of towson, on line at >> stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station. complete news and traffic this morning. plan to open our shores for oil drilling including off the coast of maryland, how will the environment be protected? that's what everybody wants to
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